Roots And Small Leaves

My Father, My Mother: unclouded awareness of fragility, quietness in sorrow. A rare sheltering uprightness allowing me to never get lost.

Perceiving, composing, playing, singing, are not curbed by the expectation of a result. They exist without asking for a response and my heart is full of gratitude.

Incredible how people keep behaving and making their choices as if mere appearance was real. When something wonderful – and authentic – passes by, it is too late to realize about it after it’s gone.

Which is the last leaf? The one that I see? The one that others see? The one that is received by the Earth?

Illusion smiles at us when we grow up and evolve while keeping it in check. Illusion causes dissipation when we allow it to distort our existence.

Only by having a different look on reality every time one can preserve purity.

A new vision knows that multitudes of visions, just like ours, flow into each one’s truth.

Interlocking our own truths is not unattainable: somehow our reciprocal attitudes can be tied without fights or conflicts.

Stillness in my mind… in order to receive.

Everything met is the groundwork of the flowering.

I can’t really say what I’m learning, because every day it’s back to the beginning.

Protecting childlikeness is essential for maintaining a balance, and acting without constriction is our way to keep a clear perceptiveness. The core of my music comes from childlikeness, which influences how I sense the surrounding people.

The training… is endless. As I layer my experiences, I don’t stop myself for wishing. And if a wish does appear, I just play with it.

A natural self-discipline in an unforced daily labour is the “gesture of sieve”: putting an order in what cannot escape to keep my trust alive and unaltered.

Immersed in a wave of quietness, I pray to become that wave.

What has remained of those rushing doubts?
Blurred is the face by now, which you believed yours and
turned to the world.
But it is inside a mountain, instead,
sheltered in the teaching silence.

One of the inborn faculties of the mind is the capacity of achieving stasis while fluctuating effortlessly. This allows us to observe each thing in its clearness, for in that moment there is no turmoil inside misshaping the occurrences.

Life has assigned us a limit to experience and accept, but not to suffer. That limit could become a bridge permitting us to directly access other endless intuitions to listen to. Then I can move forward towards the glimmer and see… Again, and again, and again.

The lights flickering on the edges of the waves, calmly ebbing and flowing, transmitting a sense of security. I dip my feet, and am greeted by small fishes who lightly kiss them. Slow, deep breaths down to my bones. I let myself go within the wonderfully scented waters.
My love meeting with the sea, after so long. The flow is again one. Marvellous.

I am a minuscule thing
But can feel the immeasurableness
My head is unconstrained
Towards all that lives around me
It is never bent over my chest
Because I want nothing
Nothing that is not what happens to me
For real
That I recognize

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