Yellerwood’s debut single Spinning Angel is available for download at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and other online distributors.

Review by Tim Hunter (ProgYes Radio):

Yellerwood : ‘Spinning Angel’ single

Reminiscent of Kate Bush, this is a fabulously haunting jazz-fusion style song. If only this could get into the charts, it would restore my faith in modern music. I look forward to more material from this artist on I-tunes and You Tube.

Yellerwood is influenced and inspired by the music of a number of jazz fusion and avant garde artists including Allan Holdsworth (in fact she has an excellent cover of ‘All Our Yesterdays’ on You Tube), Meredith Monk, Amanda Parsons (Hatfield & The North, National Health), Stella Vander (Magma, Offering), Jack Bruce, Frank Zappa, Laura Nyro.

This is a reminder that ‘prog’ always had an avant garde side to it, which somehow seems to be forgotten these days, certainly in the UK. This is an admirable musical direction to take. In fact it reminds me, I really must play more of this important part of the prog world (perhaps even Henry Cow and Kevin Ayers) on ProgYes.

Devotion to such eclectic influences should ensure Yellerwood is in excellent position to gain wider attention, as so many contemporary ‘prog’ artists seem unwilling to move outside their musical comfort zones.

ProgYes Rating 8/10

This single is now on the daytime playlist and will be featured on a forthcoming ProgYes show.


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